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Easy to use and re-use 👍 Independent Review 

CarryAround® - Reusable drink cup carrier

CarryAround made in Uk Lifetime guarantee
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After many years of watching people carrying and spilling drinks at crowded events and personally experiencing the painstaking task of going to the bar or coffee shop and collecting a round, then having no option but to carry them back in a flimsy cardboard tray ...It became apparent that an alternative and safer means of transporting drinks was required.

Sturdy Construction.. Manufactured to use with confidence.. 

CarryAround Drink Carrier is a Patented design and manufactured in England with great emphasis on quality and reliability. In our design & manufacturing process we only use top quality engineering plastics rather than cheaper commodity plastics. This gives the carrier strength, durability and a general feeling of sturdiness when in use. Our carrier simply folds out to carry 3 or 4 cups with perfect balance.

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No quibble lifetime guarantee. No fuss.. if your carrier breaks during use in any way will replace with another. Just send it back with your details and we'll post you another free of charge.

...Easy Peasy!

And just for fun... A strength test 😎

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